How to Use a Hurricane to Your Advantage, as a Writer:

First, if you have a non-writing day job, be sure to commit to working overtime this weekend like the brave, not-afraid-of-a-hurricane workerbee you are. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing, I’ve found, than being stuck at your real job, wishing you were writing instead.  

Second, use hurricane prep as an excuse to stock up on excessive amounts of writerly snacks. You’ll need your strength. You may be fighting dragons this weekend. Or riding dragons. Or taming/morphing into/mating with dragons… whatever your WIP calls for, we’re not judging. Either way, time to carb up.

Third, make sure your pets and/or familiars are safe and not freaking out and have plenty of food, treats, and, if applicable, veterinarian-prescribed chill pills.

Fourth, print out a hard copy of that ugly first draft you poured your heart and soul into, stand defiantly in the rain, cast your soul-soaked pages into the wind, and cry, “Oh gods of hurricanes and other inclement weather, hear my plea!” Then shout to the heavens your heretofore unsolvable plot holes, world-building inconsistencies, etc.

Fifth, get back to work on your manuscript. Having now harnessed the power of wind and rain and natural disasters, words flow from your pen in a torrent of creative genius, your fingers fly over the keyboard. Keep writing. Keep snacking. Keep slaying dragons. You got this.

Photo by Den Verhovny on Unsplash

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