Do you wish you had a team of seasoned critiquers to read your story and offer feedback? Maybe your story needs a little more structure to shine. Maybe you hate middles and got lost. Maybe you need a hired gun to kill your darlings. We can help!

Apparition Lit has held an internal writer’s critique group for four years. We’re readers, writers, and critiquers. We want to give you honest, constructive feedback that you can use for a stronger rewrite.

If you have a story that’s between 1000-5000 words, we will provide the following feedback options:

  • $10 for 250-word feedback provided by one of our editors. This will include comments on story elements and how to strengthen it overall.
  • $35 for 250-word feedback from each of our four editors. With this option, you’ll receive tips and notes from four different points-of-view. This type of feedback highlights areas of the story where most readers get tripped up or have questions. It also offers different perspectives, ensuring that any potential issues aren’t missed.
  • $50 for 250-word feedback + line edits and suggestions throughout your piece from one of our editors. This is a deep dive to polish your piece before you send it out into the world.

Do you want your story critiqued? Email and put the word CRITIQUE in the subject line.

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