Halloween “This or That” with Guest Editor Maria Dong

And I’m back!

Yesterday, I posted an incredibly insightful and practical Q&A with our guest editor Maria Dong. I promised a part two…a very special round of This or That, Halloween Edition! 

In honor of everyone’s (yes, everyone) favorite holiday, I’ve turned this special version of This or That into a downloadable and printable version, so you can play with your many gals and ghouls while passing out candy and celebrating the thinning of the veil with too much candy. 

Please enjoy Maria’s witty quips, and scroll to the bottom to find your very own printable version to use for your party games! Our gift to you after another successful issue!

Happy Halloween, folks!!! 

When you are watching scary movies: lights on or lights off? This entirely depends on how scared I am–so I guess, off until I can’t take it anymore, and then they’re on, with the volume really low.

When the devil comes to call at the crossroads: do you take the deal or walk away? Run like hell. Run run run run like hell.

When you are looking for trouble: Bloody Mary alone in the dark or a group Ouija board session? The group. I, like all people my age, saw The Craft one too many times. (Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board)

In the war as old as time itself, which side are you on: vampire or werewolf? Vampire, certainly. Way too artsy fartsy, not very good at being in the woods.

Who would you be most ready to fight: Freddy or Jason? Probably Jason? That whole reaching into your dreams thing is like, way too messed up for me.

When you hear a bump in the night, who do you blame: Ghosts or Monsters? I’m going to go with monsters on this one. I think that intellectually, I want to say ghosts, especially because as a Korean-American person I’ve been really raised with the idea of ghosts–but like, I’m definitely more afraid of some terrible shadow thing. Something House of Leaves-y.

Who would least likely want to meet in space: Alien or Predator? I’m going to super embarrass myself by admitting here that I usually don’t watch movies, and that I’ve had these movies on my TBW for over 20 years now :/ I don’t even know which is which.

Best way to find teenagers to terrorize: Inside an abandoned building or out in the woods? Oh my god, why are we terrorizing people? I guess if I was writing this into a book, it would be abandoned building? I tend to write a lot of abandoned/burning/dissolving/odd structures.

When trick or treaters come to call: leave a bowl outside the door or answer every knock? I live in the poor part of town; nobody knocks. But probably bowl.

Favorite Franchise: Hellraiser or Scream? Scream, obviously. I am a product of my generation.

When you have only one shot to stop the attacker: go for the eyes or the throat? Throat, I think. It’s a larger target, and I don’t trust my motor coordination to actually get someone in the eye. And what if you hit one of somebody’s eyes but not the other, they can still see you? I don’t know? I’M VERY NONVIOLENT.

Favorite family-friendly spook: Hocus Pocus or Coraline? Hocus Pocus. That rendition of I put a spell on you is just great.

Nightmare Before Christmas: best Halloween movie or best Christmas movie? Christmas

Which is a better time: Good witches who save the day or Bad witches who mess shit up? Most of my writing could probably be classified as  “generally good witches that mess shit up”, but if I had to pick, I guess I’d say the latter?

When you need protection, which do you pick: Salt in the doorway or Black Tourmaline in your pocket? Salt, obviously (Thank you Dean and Sam)

Candy corn: Good or evil? Good.

Better trick or treat loot: Candy or Cash? Lol I will take Cash, thank you.

Pumpkin spice: Basic or pure delight? I don’t know what this question means, exactly, (like, what is “basic”? Sorry, I’m old-ish) but I like pumpkin spice. (Marie’s note: my bad, but this is definitely a vote for “pure delight!”)

What do you prefer to do with your pumpkins: carve or paint? Eat! (But Carve)

The type of apple you would like to see this time of year: Candy or Carmel? I don’t eat animal products, so it would have to be Candy (this is double funny because you wrote Camel) (Marie note: she’s right! I did originally write “camel,” just corrected it now!)

Last but not least, when the time comes, and witching hour is upon us, which do you choose: open the portal and welcome the spirits in? or leave that door closed…until next year, that is…?

Let’s open it! Maybe spiritual power is what we really need to get everyone on board with addressing climate change. (Marie note: alright! I like the sound of that! I’m in!)

Until next time, friends!


Blog Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash  

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