Here’s Looking at You, 2019

Good things are coming. Big plans. Lots of work. Major hype. We’re all terribly excited. Year One was about ambitious goals, turning dreams into action, and sustaining that enthusiasm and momentum as a new lit rag. We survived and even, dare we say it, thrived! Now we’re raising the bar for ourselves in year two, and we hope 2019 continues to be full of growth and leveling up.

In January, Apparition Lit made the jump to semi-pro rates. But our goal is the Pro Rate (which recently increased to 8 cents per word for short fiction). We believe in fair compensation for artists, so we continue to work toward increasing our own payment rates for stories, poetry, and cover art. With that in mind, here are some of the exciting, upcoming events we have planned.

Book Clubbin’

Want to join a chill online book club with a super fun gang of geeks? Of course you do. The Apparition Lit editors and friends have a new book club Slack group! Our pick for March-April is The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander. We’ll post related info and updates on Twitter, so follow us and stay tuned! Here’s the IndieBound link, because we all want to support our friendly neighborhood booksellers, right? Right. The book club is free, baby. And if you join us for the titillating discussions and nerdy socializing, we hope you’ll consider a donation or subscription to help support our authors, poets, and artists!

It’s Patre-on like Donkey Kong!

Get it? Patreon? On like Donkey Kong? Wow, tough crowd.

Our Patreon plans got put on the backburner in 2018, but we’re back at it. We’ll be up and running by mid to late March. Just look at these crafty little barnacles, eager to earn your patronage!

Spring Subscription Drive

We are so inspired by all the amazing work we’ve had the privilege of publishing. In order to pay writers and artists what they deserve, we gots to hustle. So we’ll be hosting a subscription drive this spring with editor-themed prizes and new featured art and social media shenanigans! Dates and details to be announced…

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to and supported us. Your Twitter retweets, your visits to the website, your subscriptions—it all helps keep us afloat. In case you missed it, here’s January’s Issue 5: Resistance. Watch for Issue 6: Ambition coming in April!  




Clarke is a hospice nurse. When she’s not keeping busy with assorted existential crises over the impermanence of life and the perpetual, senseless human suffering in the world and stuff like cancer and constant reminders of her own insignificance in the universe and how everyone dies and everything ends and does any of it really matter and why can’t I sleep… she likes to read stories and write stories. She suffers acute attacks of impostor syndrome as an associate editor for Apparition Lit Magazine. You can follow Clarke on Twitter at @ClarkeDoty.

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