1. birther of nations, blade twice the length of her body; she takes the throne not mother daughter sister but prayer rite; stitches this ragged sand with her sinew. 
  2. amaurosis prayer god with tribal marred cheek cuts her own umbilical cord; frees the ravenous women inside her. 
  3. loves the land dry to cull off false prophets and their sons calls it slash and burn agriculture names herself 
  4. lord of two lands, the nile a catch in her skirt
  5. locust bringer; devours hearts of British colonists in the sun; womanhood all fanged and drooling
  6. a force never for sale 
  7. modern monocular prophetess; reads fortunes with crushed cowry shells, pitted pothole finger tips, melted tarry teeth, binging on rickshaw fumes, rolling east with the horizon. 
  8. say thank you when she comes to your town
  9. barefoot overthrower of dictators’ trills to stand attention white tobe thobe trailing river water; her dances cauterize the vocal cords of soldiers
  10. gold earrings singing in the wind out the window into the night 
  11. jabal marra former oasis of the black doved sibyl, blade twice the length of her body
  12. I beg her come back split me in two 


Nadaa is a poet, creative non-fiction writer and visual artist who focuses on documenting pop-culture, diasporic aesthetics and current socio-political cultural commentary with rapid-fire detail and urgency. Her work creating hybrid and experimental forms draws inspiration from the disciplines of linguistics, cultural and performance studies. This multidisciplinary approach allows her to jump through a variety of forms with an aim to transcend genre. She is currently attending UC Davis for an MFA in Creative Writing.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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