Nostalgia Bingo and a Spotify playlist!

Greetings and salutations, readers!

The weather is turning, and time has traveled. Here we are at the cusp of seasons, and it’s time to celebrate “Nostalgia.”

If you have not had the honor, now is the time to peruse this quarterly issue. As usual, you will find great tales that traverse many worlds, and to guide your reading, I’ve lovingly crafted the below reading guide BINGO. Inside each square is a tender trope that you may, or may not, find within our pages. You won’t know until you look…so dive in.

Winners should let us know on Twitter or Patreon, so we can share in the primal yell that is B-I-N-G-O.

Not enough festivity for you? How about a playlist! Inside these tunes you will find hints of yesteryear, and a lot – A LOT – of celebration of what it means to let go and move on. The opposite of Nostalgia, one could argue. But who is going to argue with a playlist like this? Please enjoy!

A visual link to the Nostalgia playlist on Spotify

The guest editor Q&A is forthcoming, and soon it will be time for us to reveal what we are looking for in Dread…so for now, let’s just look back fondly at this issue, and savor this sweet moment in time…

A visual of a Bingo card with many colored boxes. Each of the boxes has a different literary trope. The center has a free space. At the top it asks how many of the tropes you can find in the Nostalgia issue of Apparition Lit


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