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We’re so pleased to announce that our final issue of 2018 is now available! As the fourth issue of our magazine, our theme was Diversion. We wanted stories that distracted you or took you off the beaten path.

Click on one of the links below to download your preferred version to read all of the great stories in Issue 4: Diversion:


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Diversions are a source of joy and passion. They can energize you and make that workday a little more bearable. Diversions should skim alongside your goals, becoming a smooth section of road that you can dip into when the pavement gets too bumpy. Let it shelter you and ease your path.

The stories that we’ve collected for this issue all feature diversions that knock their characters off course. At times the diversions are benign, something that allows them to draw some comfort, other times the diversions are lethal, a distraction that leads to death

Special thanks to our talented writers:
Rob Francis
Chloie Piveral
Karen Heslop
Emma JeNeal Miller
Sabrina Vourvoulias
Erik Burdett
John Grey
& our own Amy Robinson

And also, thank you to our subscribers and donators for all your support!

Happy reading!

The Apparition Lit Team
Tacoma Tomilson
Rebecca Bennett
Amy Henry Robinson
Clarke Doty