Apparition Lit Editors in our past lives with our cat

Have you ever wondered what a barnacle sounds like? Well, wonder no longer!

The four Apparition Literary Magazine editors (Tacoma, Rebecca, Clarke, & Amy) have clustered into a virtual roundtable to make noises. The result is our first foray into recording our own voices and sharing them with you all.

In this inaugural podcast, we talk about how much we love our alumni, how we all met, murder boards, what we love about running a magazine, and how playing video games has made our project look so pro.

So join us on the next great adventure for Apparition Literary Magazine and listen to our brand new podcast!

Barnacle Banter Episode 1: The Apparition Lit Editor’s Roundtable

Thanks for joining us!

~ The Apparition Lit Editors


Links to some of the things we talked about in this episode:

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Intro and Outro music, Wake Up, courtesy of Jason Pfaff via Creative Commons

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