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We’re so pleased to announce our Ambition issue! People were so excited to be a part of our sixth issue, we received a record number of submissions sent before we were open! Happily, many of our submitters realized their enthusiasm was a bit early once they received our autoresponse email saying we were closed, and they responded by saying they’d resubmit once the sub window was open. And they did! We are so proud to bring you the stories and poems in this issue about the ambitions of a wide variety of personalities.

Click on one of the links below to download your preferred version to read all of the great stories in Issue 6: Ambition


If you’re not sure how to upload these files to your e-reader or tablet, the links below might help walk you through the process.

Special thanks to our talented writers:

Jennifer Crow
Cameryn Araduke
Aurelius Raines II
Donna J. W. Munro
Windy Nikel
Katherine Quevedo
Premee Mohamed
and our own
 Tacoma Tomilson

And also, thank you to our subscribers and donators for all your support!

Happy reading!

The Apparition Lit Team
Tacoma Tomilson
Rebecca Bennett
Amy Henry Robinson
Clarke Doty

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