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Love Hurts

We wanted to thank everyone who submitted their stories and poetry for our first issue. We were stunned by the quality and quantity of the submissions. November was a busy month for our editors, with tons of little tasks that took up our attention, but we loved watching the inbox fill up.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be working through the slush pile and sending out the last rounds of acceptance and rejection letters. At the moment, we only have the funds to purchase four short stories and two poems. Narrowing your pieces down to the best of the best is sure to be difficult.

Don’t be disheartened if you receive a rejection letter. There are many reasons stories get rejected. It can be that you missed a requirement from the submission guidelines or that we received too many stories with similar themes.  Remember that many, many successful writers and authors have had their work rejected, a lot, before acceptance. You’re putting your heart and your art out there, and we appreciate it!

If you have a much-loved story that’s been rejected, but you’re not sure why, consider applying to Apparition Lit’s critique service. For $10.00 USD, one of our four partners (Rebecca, Tacoma, Amy and Clarke) will each provide a 250-word feedback of your story.

Our submission box will re-open February 15, 2018 for our second issue: Delusion.

Photo by Bedbible

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