ISSUE 18: wanderlust

We are pleased to offer you the latest issue of Apparition Lit. You will find links below to the PDF, Mobi, and epub files for our Wanderlust themed issue.

We, the editors, hope you enjoy the stories and poems as much as we have!

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Special thanks to our talented contributors and team members:

  • Avi Burton

  • Mary Soon Lee

  • Armaan Kapur

  • Marisca Pichette

  • Lindz McLeod

  • Aun-Juli Riddle

  • Kamilah Yasmin

  • our fantastic Guest Editor M.L. Krishnan

  • the incredible cover art by Erika Hollice

  • and our fantabulous associate editors: Marie & Maria

  • and our amazing first reader Tamoha

Thank you to our subscribers and donators for all your support! Happy reading!

The Apparition Lit Editors
Tacoma Tomilson
Rebecca Bennett
Amy Henry Robinson
Clarke Doty

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