Apparition Lit Recommends! 2018 Good Things by Tacoma

PART TWO of our four-part blog series focussing on the good things and gift ideas from 2018. 

Over the final four Mondays in 2018, the Apparition Lit editors will take turns sharing our favorite things we discovered this year, including everything from books to video games to Youtube channels. You can check out the first in the series from our Northern-most editor, Rebecca Bennett by clicking her name. This week’s recommendations are brought to you by our Managing Editor, Tacoma Tomilson.

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As of writing this, I’ve read 64 books this year (#humblebrag #imreallytired #thatgradschoollife), so it’s difficult for me to pick just one book to recommend. But if you’re looking for some YA you won’t be able to put down, I recommend (in no particular order):

The album that helped me survive 2018–Bishop Brigg’s Church of Scars, which I’ve basically had on repeat since it came out in April.

My game of the year–God of War (2018). Fluid mechanics, solid world-building, and an approach that reinvents the tired games that came before it. Runner-up: Into the Breach, a follow up from the team behind FTL. This is the turn-based strategy with roguelike mechanics I never knew I wanted.

One more thing (And you thought you were listing too many things, Rebecca)! My Youtube series of the year: It’s Alive! with Brad from Bon Appetit. Actually, all of the Bon Appetit content on Youtube. If you’re feeling down, I promise that Brad, Claire, Rick, Molly, Carla and the rest of the team will lift your spirits (and teach you about cooking!).

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