Next Steps and Giant Leaps

LeapWe launched the site folks. We did it. We’re here, and hopefully, to stay.

August was spent dreaming. September was spent writing. October was spent building. Now? We’re just spent. These long few months have been filled with needless worrying and developing obsessions with grammar. We’re not haunted by demons at night. No, we’ve got school marms hissing about comma splices and compound sentences into our ears.

Even though we should be relaxing, or at least learning how to tame that twitch that’s started, we thought it would be appropriate to let you know our plans for Apparition Lit.

At the moment, we consider Apparition Lit a token rate magazine. This means we pay our short story writers $0.01 a word. Rate categorization is a hard thing to nail down. Although we technically count as semi-pro (which can be anywhere between $0.01-0.04 per word), our rate is at the lowest end of the payscale. We know it’s not a fortune but, at the moment, it’s all our coffers have to offer.

Why do we consider $0.01 per word a token rate? Writing is long, arduous work. It can take hours to craft the perfect sentence, months to actually finish the story. That’s just the first step of the process, which doesn’t include revising and submitting. Juggling submissions is it’s own kind of witchcraft. It can take months to receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The point is, writers will spend a lot of time to get $50.00 and a publication.

We want to give you more. One of our main goals is to become a full-fledged semi-pro magazine. This means being able to jump our rate from $0.01 to $0.04. At the moment, that leap is daunting. To us, it’s a greater jump than Indiana Jones’ or Neil Armstrong’s. But we want to make it happen.

During 2018, we’ll need your support. While donations are always welcome, reviews and ratings are the lifeblood of a magazine. If you like what we’re doing, let us know, let other people know. If you hate us, well, maybe just let us know.

Featured image by Kaz

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