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Reach OutApparition Lit did not come into this world fully-formed. It was borne out of half-hearted suggestions during our critique meetings. Even during this turbulent year, when we depended on the silly comments and positivity those meetings provided, Apparition Lit was always a scheme away.

We were never sure how to proceed or even if we should. These types of steps were meant for our betters. Writers with long publication lists and scholarly backgrounds. Imposter syndrome is real, and we had it. Hell, we’ll probably blog about it.

In August, the joke became serious. Words shifted from ‘we should’ to ‘we can’. An important distinction. With a fire in our gut and a shiver down our spine, we talked, we planned, we created.

As founders, readers, and writers, Apparition Lit means many different things to us. Most importantly, it embodies the action of taking a chance despite the fear of rejection and failure. We know from experience that the  act of submitting a story, a poem, or a piece of art to a publication takes bravery. The wait for a response, no matter how long, can bring both hope and despair.

Creativity can be a painful, up-and-down process — a constant uphill battle you remember fighting before. You see that rock wall a hundred times before you finally scale it. Repetition can be dangerous, none more so than the chant of: “we should do this,” or “I am going to do this.” The momentum of creativity can start with a step, but often it begins with a push or a leap.

So this is us taking that leap.

For our inaugural issue, we’ve decided on the apt theme of apparition. An apparition doesn’t have to be a ghost (though we love ghost stories). It can be a startling appearance. Something remarkable. Check out our submission guidelines and send us your dark and unexpected short stories and poems. We’re looking for stories that you’ve worked hard on, and love dearly, but that might not fit elsewhere.

In times of turmoil, it’s especially important for creative people to have space for their work and to be paid for that work. It is our hope that you agree, that you’ll share your art with us in our little corner of the wide world. So please, be brave with us. Join our leap!

Featured image by luizclas

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