To kick off Appartition Lit’s first ever subscription drive, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Patreon!

We spent a long time debating if Patreon was the route we wanted to go to curate subscribers and donations. After taking a hard looking at Apparition Lit’s accounts, and our own coffers, we decided that we needed to reach out for extra help.

To maintain our transparency we’ve calculated the base cost to keep Apparition…ahem…lit for another year. Businesses aren’t cheap, especially if you’re in the line of giving money rather than making money. We’ve increased our pay rate and we’re still trying to break into the review circuit to get more eyes on our work. Since we’re still new and relatively unknown, we need extra help from our friendly neighborhood barnacles.

Please check us out and consider donating! And/or help us spread the word through social media. Catch us on Twitter and retweet our hype posts for the subscription drive (March 20 through the end of the month). Every little bit helps!

Thank you so much to all the readers, authors, poets, artists, retweeters, and friends who have been supporters and cheerleaders for the magazine. We love you. For real.

~ The Apparition Lit Editors

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