What does “Charm” mean to Apparition Lit?

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We know submission windows can feel urgent and challenging, and you could use some help gaining clarity…So we are back with another edition of “What does THEME mean to Apparition Lit?” Today, we share our thoughts about what we hope CHARM brings us in our submission pile

If you have long had your stories planned (or already submitted), then do not worry about this post. But if you’re still considering whipping up a piece and can use a few hints on where to go, please read on and be enlightened!

Before our digital editors meeting was so unceremoniously disconnected, we had a round table with this issue’s guest editor Lauren Ring, where we all talked about what Charm looks like to us…

Lauren Ring, Guest Editor: Lauren is looking for some stand outs; something that shows charm explored in different and unique ways. She’s hoping to see a subversion of what authors may traditionally think of as being “charmed.” A fan of games herself, Lauren thinks of charm in the traditional “charisma” variation of magic, which can evoke so many worlds…

Rebecca Bennett, Owner/Senior Editor and Cover Art Director: Rebecca is ready for a good heist story, whatever that means! Heists take many shapes in forms; can happen in any timeline or setting…they just need a bit of CHARM to make happen…so let’s see how you work that magic! 

Tacoma Tomilson, Owner/Senior Editor: Taco is making room for you to flex your character development, and is looking to see what kind of charming characters you have in your world. A dash of wit, some debonair….help us get to know your favorite residents! 

Clarke Doty, Owner/Senior Editor: A tall order, Clarke is asking submitters to really, and I quote, “blow my mind” with a subversive and unexpected witch story. We all know the tired tropes of our witchy friends…show us something new…and maybe a little scary…

Amy Henry Robinson, Owner/Senior Editor, Poetry Editor: Amy’s going old-school with the age-old art of necromancy. How do you charm the dead back to life? Show us how, and we might be a fan! 

Tamoha Sengupta, Submissions Reader: Once again thinking big, Tamoha wants to see how charm takes shape in places, things, memories, and music…she wants to see new ideas about what it means to be charmed, not just by anyone, but by anything…

Marie Baca Villa, Assistant Editor, Submissions Reader: Cultures the world over have their charms. Show me a global tale about something deeply rooted in history and time, taking on new shapes and meanings. Plus, I love a good witch story. The story is “good,” not the witches, I mean. Bad witches only, please! 

Maria Schrater, Assistant Poetry & Fiction Editor, Submissions Reader: Big adjectives with Maria: she’s looking for otherworldly, enthralling, and overwhelming. You got that? Plus, she’s a big fan of gothic fiction and is ready to see a story that shows how truly horrifying a good charm can be…monkey’s paw, anyone?

Bonus tips: Lauren and Marie are both hoping to read some sad stories; some real tear jerkers! Maria and Amy are looking for sexy stories with poly/pan/bisexual folks; and all the editors agree we are looking for “vibes.” Yes, folks. VIBES. 

There you have it folks! I hope these ideas find you well on your way to an amazing submission, and we look forward to reading what you have in store for us!

Until next time, friends!

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  • Marie Baca Villa
    Marie Baca Villa Blogger/Submission Reader

    Marie Baca Villa is a Chicana writer and artist in California. She has a master’s degree in psychology and used her education to build a long career in crime victim advocacy. As a fan of speculative fiction, she loves anything involving strange worlds, complex characters, and unexplained phenomenon. She’s a bonified cat lady, covered in tattoos, and she loves cussing, beer, and flaming hot cheetos. You can find Marie on Twitter @okay_its_marie

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