2021 Awards Eligibility

When 2021 began, we had only the highest hopes for what the future held. Our authors met our expectations, and showed us that so much grace, wonder, and possibility remains, even in the darkest of global times. We have waited all year to honor these pieces, and now that award season is upon us, it is our time to shine a light on all these wonderful works. 

The stories listed below are eligible in either the short story categories of the SF/F awards. We are not yet members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America so are unable to nominate ourselves. We’re always happy to send out our ebooks to any potential reviewers or nominators. Please read on and consider nominating these amazing pieces; we hope to see these authors in the winners circle soon! 

Short Stories (Under 5100 Words):

Issue 13: Justice, Guest Editor Laura Barker

With the Nectar Comes the Sting by Jennifer Hudak 

Shark Girls by Caroline Diorio

Redlands by Jay Harper 

Honey and Mneme by Marika Bailey 

It’s Never Just a Necklace by Ashland East 

Commodities by Zebib K.A. 

Issue 14: Chance, Guest Editor Premee Mohamed

The Swamp Exchange by Laura Barker 

Bride, Knife, Flaming Horse by M.L. Krishnan 

Watcher, Worker by Rona Fernandez 

Queen Minnie’s Last Ride by Aimee Ogden 

Issue 15: Contamination, Guest Editor Aigner Loren Wilson

She Dreams in Bronze by Sylvia Ho 

I Wear My Spiders in Remembrance of Myself by Kel Coleman 

Mushroom Head by Marla Bingcang 

The Godmaker’s Cure by December Cuccaro 

Issue 16: Wonder, Guest Editor Maria Dong

Flocks of Words and Wonder by Marie Croke 

A Home for the Hungry Tide by Alexandra Singer 

Lavender, Juniper, Gunpowder, Smoke by Alyson Grauer 

Cocoon by Atreyee Gupta 

Feudal Superstition by Yiwen Bu


All our poetry can be nominated for the Rhysling Award. All our poems this year qualify as Short Poems (1-49 lines) under the Rhysling Award categories. 

Mothers of the Disappeared by Tehnuka, 37 lines

A Body and It’s Hunger by Sarah Ramdawar, 26 lines

Alecto Chats on Her Smoke Break by Elizabeth McClellan, 41 lines 

On Brutal Wing by Brian Hugenbruch, 48 lines

Bought and Sold by Ellen Huang, 24 lines

Fifteen Steps by Marisca Pichette, 25ish  lines

Inextricable by Venne Hrzaan, 33 lines

Traumerei by Ewen Ma, 26 lines

Stranger Organs by Shaoni White, 43 lines

Beefriend by May Chong, 48 lines

Additional pieces for your consideration: 

As a semi-pro magazine, we are eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award. You can also nominate our Guest Editors the Best Editor (Short Form) Hugo Award. 

Our Guest Essayists artfully tackled a range of urgent topics, never shying away from such timely issues as the changing face of justice; ableism and racism; communication in the time of covid; and cultural identity. These fantastic pieces are eligible for the Best Related Work Hugo Award:

Last, but certainly not least, all our cover artwork is original, lovingly crafted just for these issues. If you love what you’ve seen, please nominate our 2021 Artist-in-Residence Erion Makuo for Best Fan Artist Hugo Award.


Blog Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels


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